I very often get questions from different people about the advantages and benefits of members of the IBNS community. The annual fee from each participant is $36, so the question is absolutely reasonable: what do I get for my money?

So let's get it straight.

The main goal and mission of IBNS is to unite collectors from all over the world to exchange knowledge and collectable materials. The society has more than 2500 members and this is its most important value.

Each member of the society can expect to receive:

  • IBNS pin and plastic ID-card of the member of the society.
  • Annually 4 magazines, which come by mail once a quarter.
  • Access to closed pages of the IBNS website.
  • Ability to communicate with other participants on the forum
  • Access to a private WhatsApp group
  • The right to elect and be elected to the board of directors of the company.
  • Every two years, an up-to-date catalog of all members of the company is sent.
  • The right to publish author's articles in IBNS magazine.
  • The right to participate in the “Banknote of the Year” and “Book of the Year” contests.
  • The right to create a Chapter of society linked by a geographic community or by interests.
  • Online conferences in ZOOM, WebEx.
  • Invitations to offline events that IBNS regularly hosts.
  • Access to teaching materials and master classes: authenticity, grading, rare items in the collections.
  • Discounts on services and goods for collectors.
  • International networking

The list is far from complete, but even these points are enough for a collector to understand the advantage and benefits of joining IBNS.