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The Numiland company (NumiLand is a derivative of the words Numismatic Land, which means the Land of Numismatics) was established in December 2019 in Ukraine.

The slogan of the company is "The Strategy Of Success " and it implies both the success of the company itself and the success of the clients who turned to it. The Numiland trademark is currently being registered.

The founder and owner of the company is Sergey Trushin, born in 1974, a member of the IBNS society since 2016, the President of the Ukrainian Chapter of society since March 2020, a collector with over 30 years of standing and experience in international exchanges since 1998. He has visited 37 countries, and has an excellent reputation among collectors, along with extensive networking and personal acquaintances in all significant regions and countries around the world.

Co-author of the book "Jubilee Banknotes of Europe, Issued Between 1929 and 2019".

Every year we successfully implement more than 200 transactions for the exchange, sale and purchase of banknotes. In addition, we regularly attend international banknote fairs and collectors' forums. This allows us to always have interesting banknotes for our online store. Parcels with banknotes come to our warehouse weekly.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience on our website and success in collecting!

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