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02 Nov Story time. Commemoratives.
Trushyn Serhiy 0 824
The very first commemorative banknote in my collection was the 2000 lei Romanian banknote issued in 2000. Dedicated to a total solar eclipse, it  was also the first polymer banknote in Europe.On May 9..
12 Oct Story time. Collector’s levels
Trushyn Serhiy 0 1007
When I started to swap banknotes with foreign collectors, I was only 24 y.o.  I worked as a teacher in PC courses and had a very low income. I really wanted to collect the maximum of banknotes from di..
23 Sep Story Time. What to collect?
Trushyn Serhiy 0 1358
It's a pity that William Shakespeare already gave the question: To be or not to be? Because I have a very similar question: What to collect?It's probably easier to start from your own country, and the..
21 Sep The National Bank of Ukraine will open a modern and interactive Educational Center
Trushyn Serhiy 0 1288
The National Bank of Ukraine, with the assistance of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, has launched a large-scale social project in the field of financial literacy, which provides for the e..
28 Mar The second portrait of the Queen on the banknotes of England
Trushyn Serhiy 0 911
The second portrait of the Queen on the banknotes of England “Phyllidia posed for Dad, sitting in a chair with a broom in one hand and a trash can in the other,” is how Reynolds Stone's youngest son d..
17 Mar The first portrait on the Bank of England banknote
Trushyn Serhiy 0 695
The first portrait on the Bank of England banknote“This is not the Queen we know”, “This is some kind of discount coupon, not a banknote” - similar criticism was met with the Bank of England's attempt..
08 Mar Portrait on the banknotes of Mauritius
Trushyn Serhiy 0 700
Portrait on the banknotes of Mauritius. Italian artist Pietro Annigoni was in despair: work on the painting was going on hard, and he could not manage to "grasp" the character of the 28-year-old Queen..
25 Feb Lesya Ukrainka on 200 Hryven banknote
Trushyn Serhiy 2 3938
Let me introduce Lesya Ukrainka (1871 – 1913) who was one of Ukrainian literature's foremost writers, best known for her poems and plays. They are all associated with her belief in freedom and indepen..
01 Jan Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!
Trushyn Serhiy 0 687
Numiland wishes you a Happy New Year 2021 of the Bull. This strong owner is the second in the eastern horoscope. We want him to bring all the best into your life: always be in the first place, lead in..
16 Dec The First Online Banknotes Fair
Trushyn Serhiy 1 704
Dear collectors of banknotes!Probably many of you have already received an invitation or seen an advertisement of the online fair for collectors of banknotes NumisZoom. This event will take place next..
10 Dec Banknotes of the Bahamas
0 812
The Bahamas are strongly associated with pirates and rum smuggling during the Prohibition era for many.At one time, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the same abdicated King Edward VIII and his wife W...
08 Dec Queen's first photo session
0 690
The first official photo session of the new Queen was taken just twenty days after Her accession to the English throne. On February 26, 1952, Dorothy Wilding, the first female photographer at court, t..
01 Dec
0 1137
Queen Elizabeth II has seen many changes during her 68-year reign. During this time, of course, the queen herself underwent changes.Almost her entire life path, from her ascension to the throne at the..
29 Oct 15 Benefits For Every IBNS Member
0 3179
I very often get questions from different people about the advantages and benefits of members of the IBNS community. The annual fee from each participant is $36, so the question is absolutely reasonab..
17 Oct 7 Easy Steps To Do After You Join IBNS
Trushyn Serhiy 0 9185
Probably all collectors are aware of the existence of the worldwide IBNS banknote collectors community. This society was founded in 1961 in the United States of America and has over 2,500 members from..
01 Oct Welcome to NumiLand!
Trushyn Serhiy 2 1837
Hello everyone and welcome to the first post on my blog.My name is Sergey Trushin, I was born in 1974 and now I live in Ukraine.I am a software engineer by background, for 19 years I was a co-founder ..
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