The National Bank of Ukraine, with the assistance of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, has launched a large-scale social project in the field of financial literacy, which provides for the establishment of the Educational Center "Museum of Money".

The opening of the Museum is planned in 2023-2024, it will be located at: Kyiv, Kontraktova Square, 2-A.

The purpose of this project is to increase the financial literacy of Ukrainians, their level of knowledge and skills in the field of personal finance.

"Our mission is ambitious to promote the formation of a new financial culture in order to increase the personal well-being of Ukrainians. Therefore, the National Bank team is working to combine a modern, interactive, digital, inclusive museum space with a friendly, practical and useful educational center,"

said Kyrylo Shevchenko.

"We are preparing a broad excursion and educational program for the Museum of Money, which will be interesting for both kids and the elderly. We want to create a friendly space here for parents with children, people with disabilities and English-speaking visitors."

Kyrylo Shevchenko added that the exhibition "Open-Air Hryvnia Museum", which has been operating since September 2,  2021, has demonstrated a huge demand for financial knowledge. Attendance at the exhibition is four times higher than expected, which indicates the need to create a permanent educational and museum space.

The museum will be a unique center for Ukraine to provide free practical financial knowledge for all ages. The exposition area of ​​the three-floors Museum will be about 2000 square meters, another about 1000 square meters  will be allocated for the educational center. It is planned to equip more than 20 exposition and 8 lecture halls in the Museum. Admission will be free, and the capacity of the Museum will be more than 100 thousand visitors a year.

The National Bank of Ukraine aims to embody in the Museum the best experience of the world's leading museums of money. To achieve this goal, the central bank consults with museums of money from Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Latvia and other countries.

The National Bank attracts the best financiers of Ukraine to create the Museum, in particular, the Board of Trustees of the Museum of Money has been established for this purpose. The composition of this advisory body included the Governors of the National Bank, who headed the central bank at different times of its existence - Volodymyr Matvienko, Viktor Yushchenko, Serhiy Tigipko, Volodymyr Stelmakh, Stepan Kubiv, Yakiv Smoliy.

The first meeting of the newly created Board of Trustees of the Museum of Money took place  September 20, 2021. During the meeting, Viktor Yushchenko was elected chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of Money.

Also, to mark the start of work on the project, members of the Board of Trustees together with the Chairman of the National Bank laid the first symbolic brick of the new Educational Center "Museum of Money".

"I am confident that by joining forces, we will be able to create a beautiful and useful museum and educational space that will promote the development of financial literacy of Ukrainians for many, many years,"
said Kyrylo Shevchenko.