Let me introduce Lesya Ukrainka (1871 – 1913) who was one of Ukrainian literature's foremost writers, best known for her poems and plays. They are all associated with her belief in freedom and independence of Ukraine.

Last year, on Lesya Ukrainka's birthday which was in February 25, 2020 - the National Bank of Ukraine put into circulation renewed 200 hryvnia, which should gradually replace the previous banknote.

On the obverse of the fourth generation of modern Hryvnias, a portrait of Lesya Ukrainka has been moved to the center of the banknote. Previously, her image was on the right side.


The banknote is printed on tinted paper with a light pink tint, which corresponds to the predominant color of the images on the banknote. The size of the banknote is 75x148 mm.


1. Watermarks.

A multi-tone watermark is a portrait image of L. Ukrainka and a light element of a watermark is an image of a digital denomination.

2. SPARK element

Optically variable stylized image of a water lily that has a kinetic effect. When changing the angle of the banknote in the areas of the image there are gradual transitions from purple to golden green.

3. Protective tape.

Fully immersed in a thick layer of paper protective polymer tape with a magnetic code, on which with a magnifying glass you can see the image in a straight and inverted form: "200 UAH", an element of the small State Emblem of Ukraine (trident) and underlined digital designation "200".

4. "Window" protective tape.

A protective blue tape with a pronounced kinetic effect is partially introduced into the paper thickness. The tape contains an image of the digital denomination and the graphic symbol of the hryvnia.

When you change the angle of the banknote, the direction of movement of the background image of the tape changes.

5. Latent image.

Image of the digital denomination - "200": the numbers are visible when viewing the banknote at eye level against the light at an acute angle:

  • dark on a light background - when looking at the banknote from the long side;
  • light on a dark background - when looking at the banknote from the short side.

6. Embossed elements

Elements of images, the roughness of which is felt by touch; for example, enlarged images are given:

a) inscriptions and images;

б) an element for the visually impaired;

в) a fragment of the portrait.

7. Through element.

An image of the digital designation of the denomination "200", all elements of which coincide and complement each other when examining the banknote against the light.

8. Orlovsky printing

A special type of printing that provides a sharp transition from one color to another on the design elements without their breaks and offsets.

9. Rainbow printing.

A special type of printing that provides a gradual transition from one color to another on the design elements without their breaks and offsets.

10. Microtexts.

The reverse of 200 hryvnias depicts the Entrance Tower of Lutsk Castle - the oldest building in the city. An old tree grows near the tower, which is over 200 years old. It was under tree that Lesya Ukrainka, who spent her childhood in Lutsk, apparently liked to rest and write poems.

February 25, 2021 we celebrate 150th birthday of Lesya Ukrainka and I call all IBNS members to vote for 200 Hryven note here https://bit.ly/3tdq3H0