The second portrait of the Queen on the banknotes of England 

“Phyllidia posed for Dad, sitting in a chair with a broom in one hand and a trash can in the other,” is how Reynolds Stone's youngest son describes his father's process of creating a new £ 5 bill. The artist's 18-year-old daughter acted as a model for the updated image of Britain - an allegorical symbol of the country and the Bank of England.

After an unsuccessful debut with a portrait of the Queen by R. Austin, the Bank of England turned to Reynolds Stone for help, a talented artist whose works every Briton proudly has on documents - it was Stone who painted the coat of arms on the cover of the British passport.

With the portrait, Stone did not disappoint - Her Majesty, as well as the media, appreciated the new image deservedly. But Britannia, which was depicted on the back of the bill, according to the Daily Telegraph, looked more like a "young bather" than a "royal maiden".

What do you think of Britain on the back of the banknote?

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