Probably all collectors are aware of the existence of the worldwide IBNS banknote collectors community. This society was founded in 1961 in the United States of America and has over 2,500 members from all over the world. As an experienced member of the society, I can tell you what each new member of the society can do after joining it. Here is a simple 6-step instruction. Try any of them and you will immediately feel the strength and power of this organization, as well as support from other participants.

  1. Open the IBNS website, log in and open the Members -> Active Members section. You will see a list of all current members of the community. Use the filter to find all members from the same country (for example, Oman or Australia). You can find the e-mail addresses of the participants and write them a letter. In this letter, you can present yourself, talk about your activities, invite to visit your website, ask questions or take an initiative.
  2. Explore the forum. Specialists from all over the world communicate with each other, discuss any issues related to banknotes. Ask your question and get a competent answer. Find interesting offers for the exchange, sale and purchase of banknotes. Start a discussion. Meet like-minded people.
  3. Ask any member how to connect to a WhatsApp group. This is a very interesting and very dynamic communication right in your smartphone.
  4. On the IBNS forum and in the WhatsApp group, you can find an announcement about webinars conducted by experts from the community. Don't miss them - they are a great way to gain new knowledge in a modern online format.
  5. When you want to visit another country or city, try to find IBNS members there. To do this, ask a question and, most likely, you will be answered positively. The society has members from almost all countries of the world, they will help you in many matters. Among other things, these people are great sources to find the banknotes of this country at attractive prices.
  6. If you visit central banks, exhibitions or numismatic stores, always show your plastic IBNS ID-card. This will help you and in some cases you immediately turn into a VIP-person.
  7. Write a post on social media (Facebook, Instagram) using the IBNS logo and you will be surprised how many collectors you know are already in this society.

I wish you all a pleasant collecting!